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Fruit Cage 2010

We have added to the content in the fruit cage we bought last year,  just in case  anyone is looking for suggestions you could check out this site We bought our cage from them  So far  it has stood for a year without any problems. Having gone through a winter which was so cold and a lot of snow. […]

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Setting seeds

We  spent most of last Saturday setting seeds for what we hope will be a bumper harvest, so fingers crossed they all pop up and grow big and strong.  Even the beautiful Pobble cat likes to get involved! I have upload an on going list of  ‘Seed sowing and Veggies Planted for 2010′ which I hope will be helpful to […]

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I love this alcoholic drink, it’s fresh and has full on flavour, it is also so easy to make. I picked up the recipe thanks this blog many thanks to you both for your kind permission to share. You will need the following 8 Organic unwaxed Lemoms 1 ltr Vodka 350g White Sugar 1 ltr Water (I use tap […]

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and the sun came out…

Today is the first day that it hasn’t rained or sleeted or snowed for …I can’t remember it’s been so long.  I have managed to give the Honeysuckle a hair cut and fix the climbing net on to the fence. Hopefully it will give the honeysuckle a better hold and stop it flopping about. We have spent quite a few […]

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