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Date Cake

This  is a recipe that brings many of my childhood memories.  Helping my Mom to make this cake, the first task I was allowed to do was to take the stones out of the dates and then onto chopping with my Mom overseeing.  It is such a simple recipe, that was then and still is now, a great one for […]

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Fire Crackers

I have been trying out a few ideas over the holiday, savory crackers and sweet biscuits. It’s been such fun just to mess about with ingredients. The ‘fire’ in the crackers comes from chillies and ginger, a great combination with a touch of fresh coriander. The options though are limitless, so don’t hold back, check out your spice racks and […]

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The Apprentices' Soup

While I was away last Sunday ‘the apprentice’ took over the kitchen and made this lovely winter garden soup. Fresh from the garden; 4 carrots 4 small winter radish 2 jerusalem artichokes 1 medium leek 4 bay leaves 1 small celery head 2 ‘Rooster’ potatoes 2 ‘Pink fir apple’ potatoes – both waxy so hold together well in soups. Olive […]

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Dorset Apple Cake

Looking for a good recipe for apple cake and found this one, I have made it quite a few times now and it’s always successful. It’s simple to make and quick too. The apple and lemon taste lovely and it makes a really good ‘cut and come again’ cake. When I make this cake I double the quantities in the […]

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Planting Garlic

Today has been beautiful outside, bright and dry and perfect for planting garlic. I have three different varieties to go out and hopefully they will all flourish and be ready from June onwards. The varieties are Garlic Jolimont, Garlic Cloves Purple White and Garlic Illico, this one can be used as ‘green garlic’ from May onwards.  I hope that last […]

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Medlar Cheese

Medlars are a very old fashioned fruit that is not often used nowadays.  It has been used in English kitchens since the 16th century but now is hardly known.  Its origins are in eurasia but even there,  it is now rare. The fruit of the medlar has to be ‘bletted‘ (or left to soften) and the art is to catch […]

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