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Fire Crackers

I have been trying out a few ideas over the holiday, savory crackers and sweet biscuits. It’s been such fun just to mess about with ingredients. The ‘fire’ in the crackers comes from chillies and ginger, a great combination with a touch of fresh coriander. The options though are limitless, so don’t hold back, check out your spice racks and […]

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The Apprentices' Soup

While I was away last Sunday ‘the apprentice’ took over the kitchen and made this lovely winter garden soup. Fresh from the garden; 4 carrots 4 small winter radish 2 jerusalem artichokes 1 medium leek 4 bay leaves 1 small celery head 2 ‘Rooster’ potatoes 2 ‘Pink fir apple’ potatoes – both waxy so hold together well in soups. Olive […]

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Carrot and Lentil Soup

This was thought up on the spur of the moment and the result was really good, its a thick and warming soup,  packed full of flavour that you could exchange the lentils for something like bulgur wheat. The lovage is my newest herb in the garden and is really worth growing,  it smells something like celery but when cooked gives […]

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