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to harvest… yes! I dug up the garlic, it has been much more successful this year so planting in November seems to work for me. The Arran Pilot potatoes are just fabulous, as are the carrots (from the tubs and planters) and the lettuce that we sowed in August last year over wintered and is now at its very best. […]

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May Bank Holiday

Where did the sunshine go?  Why is it on bank holidays the sun wont put it’s hat on and come out to play!  Never mind we soldiered on and have managed to get a lot of the little jobs done. We have opened a new  bed,  yes another one, we needed a bit more space to put the runner beans […]

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Seedlings progress

The seedlings that were set in March are all growing on strongly, and have all been potted on to give them a little more room to grow, although the house is now looking something like a greenhouse as every window ledge seems to have some seedlings growing on it. The first photo’ show my Lemon grass, this was grown from […]

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Sunny Spring Sunday

Sunday we spent the day in the garden, it was a beautiful warm and sunny day.  I have taken some photographs to keep you up to date on what we have been doing.  The ‘veggie’ patch has now been extended into the garden having taken over what were two rose beds some long while back. One now contains the Jerusalem […]

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Out in the Garden

We have been busy most of the day outside. The sun has been shining and it was just lovely to be able to get out and do some the little jobs that have been on the back boiler for a while. I have planted out lots of the perennial geraniums that were grown by my late father-in-law, it gives me […]

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