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Medlar Cheese

Medlars are a very old fashioned fruit that is not often used nowadays.  It has been used in English kitchens since the 16th century but now is hardly known.  Its origins are in eurasia but even there,  it is now rare. The fruit of the medlar has to be ‘bletted‘ (or left to soften) and the art is to catch […]

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Pear and Ginger Jam

I have been experimenting with this for a couple of seasons now and found it works best with Conference pears here in England, it might be different in other parts of the world. It has to be said that I have had mixed results with this recipe due to the differences in the volume of juice.   I prefer to use […]

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Lemon and Elderflower Marmalade

To make this marmalade you first need to make the elderflower cordial, I have invented this recipe to use up the lemons that are so wonderfully flavoured with the elder flowers, it seems such a waste to bin them when they can be made into this delicious marmalade. I make it by covering the lemons in a half water and […]

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Asparagus Quiche

This is my very favourite quiche, it’s so delicious  and really special as the season for asparagus is so short, we do grow them in the garden but there is not really enough so I supplement ours with some locally grown. These are sold by Tony, originally from Italy,  now a very young 88 years.  I am  always  happy to […]

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