Monthly Archives: July 2009

The New Fruit Cage.

After much thought as to whether it would be a sensible option and being assured that the netting used would be to small for birds to get trapped we ordered a fruit cage. We were  getting to the point where we either gave up trying to grow soft fruit or found a way to keep it.  A fruit cage seems  […]

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A couple of weeks back I dug up the garlic and left it in the shed to dried out.  I wanted to try and plait it so I could hang it in the kitchen ready for use. Today I made my first attempt at plaiting having read up how to plait garlic on a blog by wwwgillybeansgardencom, many thanks for […]

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to harvest… yes! I dug up the garlic, it has been much more successful this year so planting in November seems to work for me. The Arran Pilot potatoes are just fabulous, as are the carrots (from the tubs and planters) and the lettuce that we sowed in August last year over wintered and is now at its very best. […]

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