Picked from the garden today

Today we gathered these from the garden, they looked so beautiful I thought I would share them with you.

Out the garden today 15th November 003The chard is still growing and looking lovely, I picked it every couple of days and is one of our favourite vegetables.

The tomatoes are still cropping, I just cant believe it, it is amazing.

The carrots have been a huge success, grown in tubs, some have forked a bit but then only the EU care about that!

The beetroot,  also grown in tubs have produced small round little jewels that brighten a salad plate or make a great vegetable served hot or even better in a soup giving it a really deep and earthy flavour.

The prize is in the centre, scotch bonnet chilies,  still growing although I have moved them into the shed by the window. The seeds of just one chili  have gone on to produce a whopping crop and they are HOT… but do liven up anything.


  • The chad looks delicious. Did you grow these for the first time this year? I grow my own chillies and vegetables also. I like to eat fresh but also be as sustainable as possible. Great blog and delicious food.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks, we grow chard each year, normally Swiss but this year wanted to try a veggie patch that was edible as well as ornamental, it worked after a fashion…runner beans, rainbow chard, lettuce, red sprouts these, the wood pidgeons loved, boo.
      What type of chilies do you grow?

  • Wow.. you have so many good stuffs in your garden. I am just starting out with chili & mint for mine.

    • Thanks Jason, we have been veggie gardening for about 20 years now and try each year to grow something different. In 2009 we tried chillies, and both types we tried have been sucessful. I have hung some up to dry and also made some harressa paste, very hot, but great to add to other things. What sort of chillies did you grow? We grew jalapena and scotch bonnets.

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