Exotic Carrot Soup

Exotic Carrot Soup

Veggies from the garden but sadly not the ginger

The carrots from the garden this year are simply delicious and really don’t need any enhancement but I was sent this recipe and although I have added a couple of things to the original recipe the credit  goes to Angelika Scneider at Deutsche Post,  AG – Zentrale, many thanks to you.

It is a truly lovely flavour which is rich and warming. It has the most fabulous saffron like colour and would grace any table.

To make you need the following:

750g Carrots chopped (Leave one small carrot whole)
1 large or 2 small Onions chopped
1 large clove Garlic chopped
750ml Vegetable Stock
50g butter
Fresh Ginger cut into fine strips (I used a good 5cm)
1 400ml can Coconut Milk
Salt and Pepper
Freshly chopped chilli
Freshly chopped Parsley and chives

Add the butter and saute the onions, garlic, chopped carrot and ginger for about 15 minutes until softened

Add the vegetable stock and bring to the boil for about 5 minutes

Blend all the ingredients until they are smooth ( I used an electric blender but it you don’t have one you could rub the solids through a fine sieve and add back to the liquid)

Open the coconut milk and stir so that it is even consistancy

Add 2/3 of the coconut milk

Season with salt and pepper ( careful with the salt as there is a lot in stock cubes)

Tasting as you go along and add more coconut milk if necessary

Grate the remaining carrot on a fine grater and add to the soup if you like a bit of texture leave it out if you prefer a smooth finish

Serve the soup and add the garnish of freshly chopped herbs and chillies

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