and the sun came out…

Today is the first day that it hasn’t rained or sleeted or snowed for …I can’t remember it’s been so long.  I have managed to give the Honeysuckle a hair cut and fix the climbing net on to the fence. Hopefully it will give the honeysuckle a better hold and stop it flopping about.

We have spent quite a few hours looking at seeds, debating what to grow. A few more weeks a we will start to sow, fingers crossed for a good growing season. Last year seemed to be wet and wetter, not a lot of sun either. Some successes and some failures but that’s the way it goes.

The lemon grass which I started from a piece that was bought at the local supermarket is just about hanging on in the shed where it has been all winter. I really wasn’t sure that it would survive especially as the temperture has be constantly below freezing all winter.

We are still picking the russian kale, jerusalem artichokes, mooli, leeks but the carrots have finished now the last one in the picture.  Soup is still made from the garden produce, not so much variety but it’s very nice, even if  I say it myself.  Fresh from the garden can’t be beaten for flavour.

The squashes we kept in the shed did well and had the weather been a little kinder maybe we would have had a better crop which would have lasted right through the winter, having said that though I’m not disappointed in how the squashes we did grow kept  so we will be doing the same again this year.

The parsley that I planted facing north side of the apple trees, has been an amazing success and we have had enough to cut all through the winter.

I am still using the aubergines we grew and froze, they were a tremendous success, we bought five tiny plants and nursed them on keeping three and giving my Mom two. Ours were outside all summer and produced pounds and pounds of fruit whereas my Moms were in a greenhouse and didn’t. I can only think that the bee’s found it more difficult to pollinate in the greenhouse.

The  apples stored in the shed are still being used.  These have been stored in cardboard fruit trays which came from the supermarket and have been really effective. The last time I used the apples was at the weekend in a Summer Pudding with some frozen damsons and  berries.  Yummy…

All the apple trees have been pruned this year, so maybe we wont get quite as much fruit but they were going skyward and needed to be sorted out. The trees are looking more open now and hopefully it will help keep them in a healthier state too.


  • I don’t know much about gardening etc. But you made your post interesting enough to make me desire to know more about this field.
    May Allah bless you!
    Thanks for the info you shared with us.

  • Lovely. Honeysuckle reminds me of my childhood. The school playground had a corner of it and me and my friends would sit there trying to get all the sap out of them, lol.

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