I love this alcoholic drink, it’s fresh and has full on flavour, it is also so easy to make. I picked up the recipe thanks this blog¬† many thanks to you both for your kind permission to share.

You will need the following

8 Organic unwaxed Lemoms
1 ltr Vodka
350g White Sugar
1 ltr Water (I use tap water but you might prefer to use bottled)

Peel the lemons making sure that as little of the pith is left on
Add the vodka and lemon peel to a plastic container and leave to infuse for 7 days
Make a sugar syrup with the water and sugar
Add the cooled syrup to the vodka and lemon peel
Bottle in sterilised bottles

This drink can be make less alcoholic by using 1 1/2ltr water.

And a little bonus…I dipped the lemon peel that had been infusing in the vodka in chocolate, thought it could be served with the Limoncello after a meal.


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