Setting seeds

We  spent most of last Saturday setting seeds for what we hope will be a bumper harvest, so fingers crossed they all pop up and grow big and strong.  Even the beautiful Pobble cat likes to get involved!

I have upload an on going list of  ‘Seed sowing and Veggies Planted for 2010′ which I hope will be helpful to any budding gardeners out there.

This year I want to run a trial on how seeds from the cupboard will do if sown and planted in the garden. I have mostly used beans but there will be others and I will update you on the progress.

Yesterday I found some Carob seeds or also called St. John’s bread (Ceratonia silqua) in the cupboard so I am going to try them out too. The seeds will grow to a tree eventually and I haven’t got high hopes for this on but it will be interesting to see what happens. Carob tastes very like chocolate and is  used as a substitute. While we were in Turkey we were told that the dried pods ground down were helpful for those with chesty colds, I’m not sure about that claim but they believe it helps and drink it as an infusion.

It all cleans up…

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