Lemongrass Grown in the UK – One year later

This pot of Lemon Grass is the result of a piece bought in the supermarket and rooted at home last year. (If you are interested look in the archives at Lemongrass and other Seedlings and Seedlings Progress from 19th February and 7th April 2009).  I admit it doesn’t look much but it has survived.  I kept it outside all through the summer and autumn taking it in to over winter in the shed. It had no other protection and considering the winter we have had it is a wonder it is still alive and kicking.  The temperatures plummeted below freezing in December,January and February and the mean temperature for the winter period was 2.3C for our region (South Lincolnshire) according to the Met Office.

The lemongrass has now started to shot again and now I need to find out if I should re-pot it or leave well alone.

For all you who want to try it really was not difficult, just left it in water to root, then potted it up and kept it in a warm sunny window until the start of summer and this is the result. Hopefully it will grow enough stems to harvest this year.

There are a lot of recipes I would love to try with my own home grown lemongrass.

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