Fruit Cage 2010

We have added to the content in the fruit cage we bought last year,  just in case  anyone is looking for suggestions you could check out this site We bought our cage from them  So far  it has stood for a year without any problems. Having gone through a winter which was so cold and a lot of snow. The netting is still in place and it still feels secure.  It’s probably one of our better investments seriously increasing the amount of fruit harvested from the blueberries, currents and strawberries.

The fruits we have added are

Honey berries  Lonicera-Haskap.

from the honeysuckle family (but be careful as not all honeysuckle fruits  are okay to eat). These are originally from Siberia and can withstand temperatures to -40C so should easily cope with the British winter. Their taste is suppose to be very sweet, not unlike blueberries and can be used in much the same way. The plant can have a life time of up to 75 years and the fruit ripens in June after the second year. The berries are almost seedless (a bit like kiwi fruit seeds) and are great to freeze. Wow! I can’t wait to try.

Goji berries, Lycium barbarum,

the super fruit that contains more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than etc…and will increase your life span according to Li Quing Yuen (he lived to be at least 197 years and maybe even more , well that’s what I read and I’m not suggesting everything we read is true!  These berries have not  always been know as the Goji berry it has been know as the Chinese Wolf berry or the Chinese Boxthorn amongst others, it is also hardy down to -15C and can take heat up to +40C . They are self fertile and a plant can produce up to a 1kg of fruit in the second year. They can also tolerate drought although they prefer a moist soil. The fruit is good for most uses but a bit of care when harvesting,  using cotton gloves or a fork or shake and catch, touching them can course them to oxidise and go black.

Black currents,

everyone’s favourite! No problems growing this plant and the currents  are so expensive in the supermarket making the small effort really worthwhile.

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