Planting the Sugar Cane.

Its been a week of new things; I have planted my first sugar cane. It arrive fresh from a site on Ebay, a length of about 2 1/2 feet or 75cm. I cut it into three pieces leaving plenty of room for the shield like buds to sprout. It has to be kept  warm and moist to shoot, so the radiator that wont turn down seems  to have found a use.  I am hoping it will live happily in the garden through the summer months once it is established along with the lemon grass which continues to grow and now has side shoots too! It’s all so exciting when new trials see success.

We have also trialled many varieties of potatoes which are new to us, we would usually go with Desiree and Pink fir apple but this year have nine varieties and have opened up two more beds to grow them in and also used planters for the first time to test the yield.   So now we have Arran pilot First Early, Charlotte Second Early, Kestrel Second Early, Rooster Main Early, Pink fir apple Main Late, Dunluce First Early, Vivaldi Second Early, Duke of york First Early and Rocket First Early. The first earlies are just starting to show and  have been earthed up and the earlies in the planters have had some extra earth covering the new shoots and giving them plenty of room to grow.

All the windows are now ‘green houses’ for whatever I can fit on, I can hardly wait to plant outside.The weather just needs to be a tad warmer. I potted up my tiny celery seedlings which now have two sets of leaves, they do look awfully fragile but I think they will be ok.

The damson tree has blossomed as are the pears and apples and it looks so beautiful as you can see. 17-april-09-0081

I have some gorgeous pink tulips which are in there third year and each time I look at them I feel happy, they last only for a few weeks but to me are worth it..17-april-09-0091

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  • I have some lemon grass in some water on my kitchen window sill. It has started to root (v exciting!). I’m wondering whether to plant it outside in a pot (so that I can bring it in for winter) or a sheltered place or what? Suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi, So glad to hear it worked for you too, I potted mine on and kept it in the shed last winter, to be honest it would probably would have done even better if I had found a home for it in the house. It has perked up now though and new shoots are coming through. As to whether it will do better in a pot or a sheltered place I think a sheltered place in the sun will do but it will need to be potted up and over wintered somewhere warmer. Let me know how it goes.

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