Red Current Jelly


The two red current bushes planted in 2007 have  produced some currents, not many,  about a pound or so  but I wanted  make some jelly and save it for the winter.

This jelly is ideal for serving with lamb or venison, but as I don’t eat meat it’s just fine for me on scones with lashings of cream or just with some fresh bread and butter.

I love the beautiful jewel like colour of the jelly and hoped to make the very best of the flavour so the recipe I choose is loosely based on one I found in Elizabeth David Classics by Dorothy Hartley.

The fruit should be ripe and at its very best.
Wash and strip the currents although stripping is not a necessity.
Place in a casserole dish set in a water bath in a slow oven until the juice runs freely.
Strain through a jelly cloth or muslin
Add equal amounts of sugar

Bring to the boil (110c)  and continue at a rolling boiling  until setting point is reached. This can be checked by the cold plate test, put a teaspoon of jelly on the plate and let it cool, if it wrinkles when you push your finger against it, it is at setting point.

Bottle in clean and sterile jars.

Label and date.

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