The New Fruit Cage.

After much thought as to whether it would be a sensible option and being assured that the netting used would be to small for birds to get trapped we ordered a fruit cage.

We were  getting to the point where we either gave up trying to grow soft fruit or found a way to keep it.  A fruit cage seems  the only way to do it in our garden,  so we’ll give it a try.

Inside the cage we have three blueberry bushes, two red currents, and a small strawberry bed.

I had managed to protect the red currents this year by surrounding one in a metal mesh cage but it wouldn’t have  enough to cover it after another year of  growth.

Up to now, going on two weeks the cage seems to working out fine, and I am happy that the birds are not tempted to try and get through.

The blueberries are just starting to ripen so not a week to soon for the new cage, and now what to do with all the yummy blueberries,  for me, eaten with fresh pineapple and coated in elderflower cordial, just fantastic.


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