Getting back in the groove.

Today is the 4th November and I have picked Swiss Chard for the garden, we still have tomatoes and chillies outside, we are not unusual this year as it seems several others I know are experiencing the same bonus due to the very clement weather, we hope it continues on for a while.

I have been so busy with some projects  in and about the house and garden this year that my poor blog has had to take second place but now I am almost finished and will be rearing to write again.

I have been experimenting with the vegetables and fruit we have grown and have had much fun in the process. So lots to tell and add to the pool of info available I hope.

I am looking forward to your news and views too.


  • So nice to have you back.

    I really envy the fact you have some homegrown tomatoes, and growing outside you say. Amazing!

    Looking forward to catching up with you growing ventures.

    • Thanks, lovely to hear from you, I will try for some pictures. Checked out the Raspberry Two Tone Cakes and they look delicious.

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