November 5th 2009 NasturtiumsThese nasturtiums were planted in the early summer, they have flowered constantly and even survived the three weeks on their own whilst we were abroad. I have harvested the seed pods and pickled them to see if it’s true that they are a good substitute for capers.  Worth a try don’t you think?  As you can see they are going strong in this Indian summer and maybe there may be time to do another harvest.  I have already put some seeds away to dry for next years sowing making this plant worthwhile three times over. Flowers this year, flowers next year and maybe nasturtiums capers.

I am hoping these will be ok to use at Christmas but this is an experiment so it’s a case of wait and see….

To pickle the nasturtium seed pods:

Having picked the seed pods whilst they are still green and without any brown showing on them

Bring 2 tablespoons of salt and a cup of water to the boil and then let it cool.

Add the washed seed pods to the cool salt water and leave for three days

Drain and add  seed pods into a clean sterile jar and fill with pickling vinegar to cover.

Seal and keep in the fridge.

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