Outside, Tomatoes in November!

November 5th 2009 Tomatoes I cant believe we are still picking tomatoes in November, its seems wrong somehow but there is no one in this house complaining. These plants were rescued from a garden centre, they were freebies left on a table for anyone to take, so we did.

We potted them on and although they have had the advantage of being on the west facing wall of the wooden shed, it  just goes to show with some  reasonable weather conditions what’s  possible.

The variety is Juliet, and looks somewhat like a small plum tomato but is  sweeter in taste.

I would be really interested in knowing if you have had some tomatoes breaking records in your gardens so please leave a comment on the variety you have grown.


  • Last year we were still collecting ripe tomatoes at the end of November and a final batch of green for chutney. This year we collected the final batch about 2 weeks ago. Last year we planted out very late – I think they were ‘Moneymaker’ and “Red Cherry’.

    • I wondering if it might be worthwhile staggering the planting to try and get a longer season. I really love to have my own growing in the garden.

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