Seed Sowing and Veggies Planted 2010

This year has been a slow start, and we seem to be about 2/3 weeks behind ourselves, having said that we are slowly catching up and I don’t think that it will matter too much at the end of the day. The list will be on going as and when we sow.

Vegetable Variety Sown
Tomato Harringer April
Tomato Tumblers April
Tomato Amature April
Tomato Country Life April
Tomato Red Alert April
Tomato Alicante April
Tomato Tiny Tim April
Cucumber Money Maker April
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green April
Cucumber Long Green April
Lettuce Mixed leaf April – Container
Lettuce Black Simpson April
Pig Nuts Conopodium majus April
May Nut Bunium bulbocastanum April
Celery Victoria April
Celery Latham April
Celery Bart’s (from the supermarket) April
Aubergine Money Maker April
Aubergine Mixed Asian and European April
Squash Butternut Sprinter April Late
Squash Queensland Blue April Late
Squash Crown Prince April Late
Squash Hunter April Late
Squash Jumbo Pink Banana April Late
Squash Yellow Bird April Late
Courgette One Ball April Late
Courgette Taxi F1 April Late
Courgette Green Bush April Late
Beans Butter (packet storecupboard) April Late
Beans Unknown (packet storecupboard) April Late
Beans Small red (packet storecupboard) April Late
Beans Black Eyed April Late
Beans Small green April Late
Chickpeas store cupboard April Late
Beans Haricot (store cupboard) April Late
Beans Mung April Late
Beans Small black (store cupboard) April Late
Sweetcorn Sundance April Late
Chilli Scotch Bonnet (seeds from product bought at supermarket) April early
Chilli Jalopino (seeds from last years crop) April Late
Lemon Grass West Indian Cymbopogon Citratus April Late
Parsley April  Early
Corriander April Early
Basil April Early
Sweet Red Pepper Seeds taken from supermarket product April Late
Chervil April Late
Potato 2nd Early Elgars (container) April Early
Potato 2nd Early Salad Juliet (container) April Early
Potato Main crop Lady Belfour April Early
Potato Aaron Pilot April Mid
Potato Pink Fir Apple April Mid

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