Seed sowing timetable 2009

I have  a timetable for myself so that I remember what has to be done and when it needs doing.  Over the years of working in our vegetable plot I have on too many occasions forgotten something so I am hoping this will help to jog my poor memory.

We have a selection of old and trusty and also new and exciting (well, they are to us). I haven’t included the  potatoes or shallots or other vegetables that we aren’t going to grow from seed but they will find a way in on a different timetable. Nothing is set in stone and I am hoping to be able to show how simple it can be to grow your own and then put them in the pot. It does  make an  lot of difference when you can actually taste the fruits of your labour.  I love it! We are only ‘potterers’ and are continually learning so we are likely to make mistakes but that is part of the joy when something does go to plan. I have so far set up the small ‘incubator’ for starting off the the January sowing. I  also read that Lemon grass can grow just by letting it root in water, so I have had a go and will let you know how that goes.

Vegetable Variety Date to sow
Aubergine Thai Green Pea Solanum Melongena January Late
Aubergine Thai Yellow Pea Solanum Melongena January Late
Onion Red Barron January Late
Herb Lemon Grass W.Indian Cymbopogon Citratus January Late
Cucumber Long Green Ridge Feb Late
Cucumber Burpless Tasty Green Feb Late
Spring Onion Apache Feb Late
Tomatoes Alicanti Feb Late
Tomatoes Gardeners Delight Feb Late
Tomatoes Tubling Tom Feb Late
Tomatoes Tiny Tim Feb Late
Tomatoes Sub Artic Plenty Feb Late
Tomatoes S. Marzano Feb Late
Tomatoes Black Russian Feb Late
Celery Victoria March Early
Mustard Spinach Komatsuna Torasan March Early
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod March Early
Pea Mange Toute Carouby de Maussane March Early
Radish Long White Icicle March Early
Drawf Runner bean Hestier April Early
Radish Mooli April Early
Spinach Giant Winter Organic April Early
Spinach Boeing April Early
Swiss Chard White Silver April Late
Swiss Chard Bright Lights April Late
Borlotto Suprema April Middle
Cabbage/Kale Nero De Toxcana April Middle
Carrot Mokom + Purple Dragon April Middle
Carrot Artemis April Middle
Radish Various April Middle
Shallot Matador April Middle
Squash Butternut April Middle
Squash Onion April Middle
Squash Crown Prince April Middle
Squash Jumbo Pink Banana April Middle
Squash Yellow Bird April Middle
Squash Queensland Blue April Middle
Sweetcorn Earlybird April Middle
Courgette One ball May Early
Courgette Taxi May Early
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson May Early
Pak Choi Hanakan May Early
Drawf French Bean Safari May Late
Leek Blauwgroene Herfst Tadorna May Late
Beetroot Bolt Hardy May Middle
Carrot Mokom + Purple Dragon May Middle
Lettuce Red Sail May Middle
Lettuce Rein de glace May Middle
Carrot Nardor June Middle
Carrot Autumn King June Middle
Carrot Cosmic Purple July Middle
Lettuce Red Sail August Early
Lettuce Rein de glace August Early

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