A little bit about me

I have  a partner and I am a  mother. I love to visit new countries. I like long walks in the country, swimming, snorkelling but am afraid of big fish…
Oolong is my favorite tea. I make great soup. Wish I was more artistic. Can never remember names but have got better at remembering birthdays. I believe in angels and loved the martini’s made by my late father-in-law.


  • Love the blog…. keep the soup recipes coming – I can use them in the pub!

  • thanks for the pasta soup recipe! i’ll try it out soon xxx

  • Made the Cauli and Almond soup again for friends on Friday evening. Everyone loved it – highly recommend it. Thanks Pam

  • Hi Pam,

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  • the italian veg and pasta soup is going own very well at the pub! cheers mama x

  • Thanks for sharing the soup recipes…..
    I love your blog!
    Keep up the great work, friend…

  • Hello Pamwest,
    Here.. comes again to see u…
    Thanks so much for join to my site by google connect…as I didnt see how to follow your blog…so I’ll put your link on my blog as well..
    Wiil come back soon.. to hear more soup recipes from you..

    Greeting from Indonesia.

  • definitely going to try the ricotta recipe so i can make those quiches… lovely!

  • your property seems like a picture from a fable. It must be lovely to live there.I have been wanting to have a property for growing my own food. My husband and I have been doing much research on permaculture and can’t wait to put our knowledge to work. I wish I had your piece of land. I live on the water and even though it is a beautiful setting, my gardening is all done in pots. Is there a place that is just perfect? Water in front of you with a huge garden in the back and mountains as a background, with streams crossing your property. Yeah that would be a perfect setting. Anyway, going back to the subject, love your property.

    • Thanks, it takes quite a lot of our time at the moment hence the lack of blogging but it is so good to have our own fruit and vegetables.
      We are also growing a lot of things in pots too, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, herbs and now this year peaches.
      I am experimenting with butterbeans and mung beans in pots.
      Permaculture is one of the ideas I would like to put into practice, have a great book which gives an overview on the idea.
      I am with you on the property, water in front and mountains at the back with the odd stream running through, ok now I’m dreaming!
      I am still making your recipe for ricotta every week. I just love cooking with it, so versatile.

  • Brilliant, idyllic garden, I will be back ..Maggie (Oz)

  • Haven’t seen u in a while. Hope all is well, I miss your posts

  • So glad to hear that. x

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