Volcanic Tom Yam

This soup is  a panacea, a cure all, penicillin in the pot. This request is down the ‘hot and firery’ path. Since doing some research, there does seem to be the basic ingredients and then… well it s a mine field, personally i don’t eat meat so the pork or chicken is not going to go in my pot but […]

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The Vegetable Plot

Today,  it’s time to start planning the vegetable plot.  Our aim always is to make the plot work year round, giving us something fresh throughout the seasons. Now in the midst of winter we have American land cress still going strong also Jerusalem artichokes which can be dug up when needed.  The Swiss chard is hanging in there too. We had a few […]

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Is it over yet?

It’s the season to be jolly, well that’s what we are told. Who tells us that, I want to know, do they know of the pressure cooker we all live in during the season to be ‘jolly’? I don’t think so! I look forward and there is the light at the end of the tunnel and it is ….. the celebration […]

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